“Journey Together”

presented by Coro Vocati

with Laurel Humber Harrell, collaborative pianist

Saturday, April 13, 2024, 7:00 p.m.
Peachtree Road United Methodist Church
Marietta, Georgia

Sunday, April 14, 2024, 4:00 p.m.
Grace Episcopal Church
Atlanta, Georgia



In Meeting We Are Blessed
Troy Robertson

Canamus, amici, canamus
Henk Badings

Jay Champion, conductor

Siman Tov
Coreen Duffy

Joel Terning, conductor

Let Me Listen
Dan Forrest

Hands are Knockin’
Kyle Pederson

Morgan Watts, alto
Claire Pappas, soprano
Wes Stoner, conductor

Through Love to Light
Elaine Hagenberg

Morgan Watts, conductor

No Time
Susan Brumfield

Alison Mann, conductor

Jennifer Lucy Cook

Dominique Petite, conductor

I am the World
Melissa Dunphy

Alison Mann, conductor

Ballade to the Moon
Daniel Elder

Wes Stoner, conductor

As There Are Flowers
Colin Britt

Morgan Watts, conductor

Let the River Run
Craig Hella Johnson

Jeremiah Robinson, conductor

The Road Home
Stephen Paulus

Megan Rikard, soprano
Alison Mann, conductor

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Coro Vocati

Alexis Lundy
Alison Mann
Claire Pappas
Megan Rikard
Morgan Watts

Holly McCarren
Dominique Petite
Macy Pittman
Anne Schantz
Anne-Marie Spalinger

Justin Cornelius
Jeremiah Robinson
Wes Stoner

Jay Champion
Brandon Odom
Stephen Ozcomert
Joel Terning (and percussion)

David Daly, Managing Director
Alison Mann, Chorus Manager
Katie O’Neill, Marketing Manager

Board of Directors
Stephen Ozcomert, chair
Edward Ball
Rebekah Cheney
David Daly
Michael Henry
Alex Masten
David McAlister
Jacque Mebius
Bill Pilon

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Coro Vocati depends upon the generosity of our donors who appreciate and value the art of choral music. The support of patrons like you makes our performances possible. If you enjoy our music, we kindly ask that you please consider making a gift. Your support enables us to perform music that can inspire, heal, and move the soul.

We would like to extend a special thanks to Ruth Sommerville, Scott Atchison, Rev. Bill Britt, Lynn Swanson, The Rev. Stuart Higgenbotham, and the clergy, staff, congregation, and Friends of Music of Peachtree Road United Methodist Church (Atlanta) and Grace Episcopal Church (Gainesville) for making these performances possible.

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